For those of you who have visited our website before, have probably noticed that we got a new one :) Because of this a lot of information and pictures are missing.

I hope to put up most of it in the near future.

You have probably also noticed that our guestbook has been removed, but it´s great that so many of you use our contact to send small messages on :)

I´m very pleased with our new website, and once again I want to say thanks to

Jenny Jurnelius.

I begin to understand how it works, but I still have much to learn.


Last weekend we met Safirs brother Saros for an early morningwalk, the girls really love to be with him on their hunting road. 

Saros and Safir are very similar in many ways.

I had my camera with me even this morning, because I wanted to get some new pictures of Saros.

Both Safir & Saros are not easy to photograph, they run a lot and all the time :) So I have to watch the few occasions where they acctually stands still for a moment.

Well I will be honest, the dogs don´t always like when the camera pops up!

But this time Saros agreed to be photographed, that´s why there are many on Saros :)

More pictures can be found in the Decembergallery.



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