Last Wednesday we packed the car and went to visit Asla & Minos daughter Yeba and mum Lotta.

When we arrived, Yeba and Lotta was waiting for us at the house . It was so nice to see them both again :) it was a happy Yeba that played with the girls directly :)


We have gone for long walks with the dogs in cold weather, some days the sun appeared.

I have also had the time to try skiing which was great fun!


In one of our walks, Safir fell into the creek when she tried to jump over a too broad part.

But she managed to get up on her own, and continued as if nothing happened.

What a relief!!!


At New Year´s Eve, we had Yeba in our house when Lotta was at dinner with her friends.

All the girls slept together on the couch during the fireworks :)


New Year´s Day we were invited to Lotta´s place for dinner, we had a nice evening.

And me and Lotta ended the evening in front of the tv and the movie Mamma Mia!

We had both seen it before, a lovely movie that makes you happy.


On Sunday morning we met up for a morningwalk with the dogs.

This day it was time for us to go home, well I could stay a few days more :)

Next time it will be Yeba who come to us, she will stay for a week, when Lotta is on holiday.

Maybe we can take the opportunity to meet with Yeba´s siblings :)



Well we have had some wonderful days to end the year 2010! and we started 2011 with a nice walk in the snow with great company.

Thank you Lotta!


Since we have so many pictures, and I have not had the time to check out all yet :( I will divide them in two parts.

One of the parts will only contain the surroundings.

So here is the two first parts of the pictures that we took in Torekov, ENJOY!!!

Photogalleri 2011 here >> 



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