We have gotten back from our trip to Stockholm and meeting with Awena´s boyfriend Wilson!

Awena had two dates with Wilson the first on Wednesday and the second on Thursday.

They had two succesful matings :) where they were stuck together and got a hanging for 23 minutes.

There second mating they were once again stuck together and this time for 21 minutes.

When we came to Stockholm it was -10 degrees :( but luckily Johanna had arranged so we could be indoors both days.

It was nice to meet Wilson outside the showring, he is a very sweet and happy ridgeback male :) who liked to play with my husband :)

So we are now hoping that their dates will produce some lovely results for us!


If everything goes as planned, the puppies will be born in the beginning of April (week 14) and be ready to move to their new homes in the beginning of June (week 22)


Are you interested in a puppy from this combination read more here >> or contact me at 0708396182 or


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