Early on Saturday morning, we met up with Safir´s brother Saros and mum Karin for a lovely morning walk. You could really feel spring in the air :) it´s so fun to see how happy the girls are when they meet Saros and how happy he is to meet the girls :) Some pictures from our walk you can find in the photo gallery here >>

After our walk we went home and took a nice breakfast.

And the girls went out on our porch and enjoyed the sun.


In the afternoon me and Ulf drove to Lena and Bo to take a look at Caspian´s newborn puppies!

We checked all puppies for Dermoid Sinus and nothing was found :) all the puppies had long and correct ridges, no kinked tails and no other faults discovered at this point :)

Thank you for a nice visit in the puppy pen and for the coffee and chat!

Some pictures from our visit you can find below.


Waiting, waiting! it´s now more than 3 weeks since Awena and Wilson had their first mating.

Only a couple of days left until ultrasound, I would be surprised if Awena isn´t  in whelp, but soon we will know! 

She have felt a bit morning sick and have not wanted to eat the last few days.

Otherwise she is doing well.


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