This past weekend some of our d-litter dogs and Awenas daughter Cenna went to Vänersborg for a weekend with field/bloodtracking!


Day 1: Darky and Enzi recieved a first prize in their first fieldtracking :) with 37p

Chimme also got a 1st prize on his second fieldtrack :) with 37p

Cenna was rewarded a 1st prize maximum points 42p with HP (Honours prize)


Day 2: Chimme did another great track this day and got his 3rd 1st prize in a row with maximum points 42p and got his first Honours prize :) easily giving him his first Champion title! SEVCH. Congrats team chim chong:)


Darky and Enzi did another great track and they both recieved their second 1st prize even this day, so only one more to go!

Cenna once again impressed the judge and recieved another 1st prize with maximum points 42p and Honours prize :)

This day they all got company from Salma and Yeba from our d-litter.

Salma passed the aptitude test with flying colours on her first attempt, and the judge think she was very promising



Day3: Today it was time for some more openclass tracks! and for Enzi & Darky to take their 3rd fieldtrack, they both did a great job and recieved their 3rd 1st prize in a row :) easily giving them the Champion title :) SEVCH. Congrats to both of you :)

Chimme took another 1st prize even this day :)

Cenna strikes again gaining another 1st prize with maximum points 42p and HP!!!!!

This means her 5th maximum point with HP in a row

Her amazing scills and focus impressed all the judges this weekend :) they all give her maximum points 42p with HP :)

Yeba passed the aptitude test with flying colours!!

I´m so happy and proud over you alla :) huge congratulations to all of you!

Pictures from this weekend you can find  here >>

Maria if you have some pictures on Salma  from the weekend, please send them to me!


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