I have not had the time to go through all the pictures I´ve been taken the past few weeks, sorry! Time flies!!And we are enjoying the nice weather :) and the final days with sweet Xavi.


Awena and Wilsons daughter "Quita” Ghali Excellent Jade has stayed with us for two nights when her mum Helene went to Gothenburg for another tracking weekend with Awenas other daughter Ghali Grand Cenna.

Xavi,Quita and mum Awena had so much fun together :)


We have also had some show practice for Karin Fürst at Kennel Kadamo with some of our E-litter puppies and the big Ghalidogs from my A-B and D- litter. Thank you Karin :) I will try to update with some pictures from our showpractise soon.


Awena and Wilsons daughter “Vilja” Ghali Excellent Eureka has stayed with us during midsummer and it has been a true joy having both Quita and Jade here J Xavi enjoyed the visit from his sisters, a lot of playing for him during this days!!!

We took both Quita and Vilja to our girls favorite place for some rabbit hunting!!


We continue with Xavis environment/socialtraining. Last weekend we took Xavi with us to Vellinge Blomman and he handled everything so well :) a brave young boy!

Tomorrow it´s time for his second veterinary control before he moves to his new family.

But we still have a few more days with this sweet, cuddly, happy and wonderful dog.


I have updated the E-litter gallery with pictures from the weekend when Quita stayed with us :) most of the pictures are on lovely Quita.


I will try to update my page with plenty more new pictures, until then enjoy the latest pictures when we had Quita staying with us.

E-litter gallery here >>


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