This weekend some of our Ghalidogs was showing off in the ring with great results!

At the Dogshow in Tvååker yesterday, judged by Randy Garran, US.

Our Ghalidogs gained following results!


Safirs brother “Saros”Ghali Golden Bontell from my B-litter, Excellent 2 with Championquality in Openclass and 2nd Best male with R-CAC :) Sooo... close :)


Ghali Golden Blue Bell "Safir" Excellent 2 with Championquality in a large Openclass and 4th Best bitch :)


Ghali Adani af Argos "Jamba" from my A-litter, Excellent 1 with CQ in Championclass :) but was just outside placement in best dog competition.


Ghali Great Dillon "Chimani" from my D-litter, Excellent 2 with Champioquality in juniorclass :) but later not placed in Best maleclass.


Jamba´s daughter Tindra BOS puppy


Awenas son Vilho also hitting the ring this day at another Dogshow in Piteå


Ghali Grand Cinamon "Vilho" from my C-litter, Excellent 1 in Championclass with CQ and 3rd Best male with R-CAC & R-CACIB in Piteå!


A lovely day with great company! Huge congratulations to all of you :)

Click on the picture below to see some of the pictures that I recieved by e-mail yesterday, taken by Patricia Ljunggren.




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