On wednesday me, Anne (Chimmes owner) & Annika (Minos owner) drove to Denmark to attend the International Dogshow in Vejen!

We have booked a very nice hotel on the countryside :)

So we packed my things and Safir into Annikas car.

After a nice break in Denmark so the dogs could do their number 1 and 2, we drove the last bit to our hotel where we were staying for two nights!

After we settled in we walked the dogs and checked out the surroundings :)

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at the restaurant before it was bedtime, because we were all tired and would get up early the day after to be on the showground in good time.

On thursday morning we had a nice breakfast and got ready for our first day of showing.

First out from us was "Chimani" Ghali Great Dillon he got very good. Then it was time for Minos to enter the ring he got excellent but no placement in best male.

In Championclass we had two Ghalidogs competing, Aslas son "Bosse" Ghali Asani af Argos he got very good and Awenas son Ghali Grand Caspian he won the Championclass and became Best male, BOS with CACIB!!!!

Then it was time for me and "Safir" Ghali Golden Blue Bell to enter the openclass were we finished second with excellent.  

I took the opportunity to take some pictures of Caspian before he and Anneli got back home to Sweden after only one day of showing! 

Me, Anne and Annika stayed on the showground after the show for some showtraining with the dogs in the lovely weather :) we had so much fun!!!!

When we got back to the hotel in the early evening we took a cold beer outside just relaxing beofre it was time to enjoy another delicious dinner in the resaturant :)

On friday morning we had to get up early to pack our things, check out and go to the dogshow for our second and final day of showing.

First out from us even this day in juniorclass was Chimme, even this day he got very good and a very nice critique :)

Next out in openclass was Safirs brother "Saros" Ghali Golden Bontell he got excellent but no placement for his first day of showing :(

Then it was time for me and Safir to enter the openclass, and even this day she was placed second with excellent and CQ (Championquality)

We packed our things into the car and drove so we could find a place to stop for something to eat.

I have had some wonderful days in Denmark with my girl Safir and Anne & Annika :) thank you ladies for the travelcompany!!! we must do it again soon :)

Hopefully I will get the others critiques and some more pictures from Anne soon!

Safirs critique: 3 years old, quite big, but wellbalanced, feminine head, dark eyes, complete scissorbite, wellset ears, good neck, shoulder and topline, nice croup, a strong body, wellangulated, good bone and feet, correct ridge, moving well.




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