I have updated Safir and Saros critique from their latest shows!

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I have also updated Bosse, Chimme and Brunettes photogallery with some new pictures :) just click on their names.

Minos (daddy to our d-litter) gallery page is also updated with some pictures


Some lovely pictures from "Quita" Ghali Excellent Jade  in her own gallery!

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Ghali Grand Cenna & Ghali Exellent Jade

Two of Awenas lovely daughters Cenna & Quita ♥

Ghali Excellent Eureka

Some lovely pictures from "Vilja" Ghali Excellent Eureka  in her own gallery!

Summer Greetings

Mixed pictures from Asla´s daughter Brunette and her little sister Vilja ( Awenas daughter) below 


Senaste nyheterna