I have recieved some new lovely pictures from Awena & Wilsons son!

"Eldar" Ghali Excellent Nassak.

Just click on his name above to go to his own gallery. I have also some pictures in my photo gallery 2011, when Eldar is playing with one of his dogfriends!

take a look here >>  

I have met Awenas daughters "Cenna" Ghali Grand Cenna & "Quita" Ghali Excellent Jade last week, pictures will be up here soon.

On saturday we had Awenas daughter "Vilja" Ghali Excellent Eureka staying with us the hole day! Pictures will be up here soon.

On sunday we drove to Trelleborg to met up with Awenas brother !

"Rossi" Ghali Adimu af Argos for a playdate with the girls, pictures from their playdate will also be up here soon.

I have also recieved new pictures from Awena & Wilsons daughter !

"Lily" Ghali Excellent Pearl :) 

Thank you for the pictures and updates everyone!

I look forward to see most of you next week on our second puppy meeting



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