Winner Ghali Grand Cenna 42p & Honoursprize And total of 11 x 1st prizes!


I have shared a wonderful weekend in Vänersborg with dogs from my breeding and their owners.

Check out mixed pictures from our weekend here >>. 

Congratulations once again and thank you all for coming.


On Friday the 30th of September me, Helene and Awena´s two daughters

Ghali Grand Cenna from our C-litter & Ghali Excellent Jade "Quita" from our E-litter headed towards Vänersborg for this years Kennel meeting and a weekend with bloodtracking.

We arrived in the evening and settled in at the B&B Stenliden, where we would spend the weekend.

We had a nice dinner with Anne & Roger, Linn & Ricki owners to Asla & Minos puppies Ghali Great Dillon "Chimme" and "Enzi" Ghali Great Duchess from our D-litter.

And Nina :) Vilho´s mum  Ghali Grand Cinamon from our C-litter who came all the way from Finland

Later on the same evening we got company by mum Maria and  Asla & Minos daughter "Salma" Ghali Great Dream, Chimme and Enzi´s sister.


After a nights sleep and some breakfast it was time for them all to head to the woods for a long day in the warm and sunny weather.

At Inger and Rogers place we meet up with mum Louise and Awenas brother "Hannibal" Ghali Atif af Argos, Asla & Argos son, and three of our E-litter puppies and their owners "Eldar" Ghali Excellent Nassak, "Nelio" Ghali Excellent York and "Luna" Ghali Excellent Yale.

Since you have to be 9 months to get to do the aptitude test and our puppies only are 5½ months they only got to practice this weekend.

Inger were impressed by Nelio, Quita, Luna and Eldar :) they were all tracking nicely. And she sad that had they been old enough had all passed it with flying colours.


Today it was time for Vilho to try and take his 3rd competitive fieldtrack, Vilho was tracking nicely passing his test with a 1st prize with this he got his 3rd 1st prize giving him his champion title.

Congrats Nina and Vilho to a new Swedish Fieldtracking Champion title :)!!!


Salma went out in the woods for her very first openclass track, tracking nicely and received her first 1st prize :)

After an amazing day in the wonderful weather out in the woods, we went back to our B&B!


In the evening we enjoyed another great dinner all together. It was really great to have dogs and owners there and to see the new owners coming along.

After a nice evening everyone was tired after a long day so time for bed to get some energy for Sunday´s big competition.


This morning we met up with "Chico" Ghali Grand Cap Cape from our C-litter and his owners Åsa och Mikael in the woods.

All the dogs was split up among the three judges and headed to the woods.

The WINNER in the end was CENNA Ghali Grand Cenna from our C-litter with maximum points 42p and HP ! Chimme was 2nd also with maximum points 42p and Vilho´s big brother Eddie was 3rd.


Congratulations to you all for the great results this weekend, all the first prices! Salma are already on the way towards her Swedish bloodtracking champion title since she gained another 1st price this day.

Thank you all for sharing this weekend with me and working with your dogs!



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