Yesterday I met up with Helene and Awenas daughter "Quita" Ghali Excellent Jade and we went to another openshow for some practice,their first indoor show.

We met up with litter sister "Vilja" Ghali Excellent Eureka and their brother

Ghali Excellent Troyan on the show ground.

First out was Ingvar and Troyan. He did great:) Troyan behaved perfectly! The judge really liked him he was placed as number one with Honoursprize!

Then it was time for me and Quita to enter the ring Both Vilja and Quita behaved beautifully.

And even today Quita was placed as number one with HP! BOS in 6-9 months.

Troyan won Best of Breed and become BOB!

In the groupfinals Troyan was placed on a wonderful 4th place BIG-4!

Thank you for a nice day everyone!

More pictures below!


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