In our life, it happens not so much more than the everyday stresses of life.

All the E-litter puppies are growing and exploring the world in all possible ways:) I receive many emails and photos of them, and of course from our other litters to! but I'm not quite having the time to update the website or answer my emails as fast as I would like to, sorry for that!

Anyway, I wanted to thank you all for all the nice emails, sms and pictures! makes me very happy!


Our girls seems to enjoy life :) and all the playdates! They have met Safirs brother´s Saros & Sighsten and litter sister Brunette and Awenas daughter Vilja.

Sometimes they have an early morning playdate with Asla x Minos daughter Salma :) and their best dogfriend Vilda.


Aslas daughter Brunette and Awenas daughter Vilja have managed to do some blood tracks in this early autumn. Pictures will be up her soon!


I have updated Saros & Cennas photogallery with some new pictures.

Just click on their name to go to their photo gallery!


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