Awena´s son Ghali Excellent Jaiden"Djembe"

Louise sent us an email with some new pictures. Thanks Louise!

Keep on emailing me pictures of your dogs, always makes me happy!!!

More pictures of Djembe in his own gallery HERE

This weekend we will have Aslas son Ghali Adimu af Argos "Rossi"

(Awenas brother) staying here:)

And hopefully we also will met Awenas sister Ghali Ainra af Argos this weekend:)

I haven´t seen her since she left the puppybox, almost seven years ago!

It´s just my husband Ulf who have met her when he was on a business trip in Luleå.

So I´m really looking forward to met her and mum Helena:)

Lovely Djembe 11 months old


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