I have shared a wonderful weekend in Vänersborg with some of our E-litter puppies and their owners.

On Saturday the 14th of April me and Helene (Cenna & Quitas mum) headed towards Vänersborg for a litter meeting with some of our E-litter puppies and their owners.

So Saturday afternoon started with a stop at Inger & Roger´s place.

Since Quita has passed the aptitude test for fieldtracking earlier and got a 1st prize on her first openclass track.

She had only two more to go for the Swedish fieldtracking Champion title! so why not give it a try.

Both Cenna and Quita did a great job and they each received a first prize:) and Cenna got a 1st prize with HP (honours prize) she is such a tracking talent:)

For Quita this means that she got her second first prize in a row and she is also gunshot proof!

Quita is also a great tracking dog:) so only one more to go for the title!

Two so-talented tracking dogs! Congrats Helene you have put a lot of work in the woods with this girls.

We went back to the hotel to meet up with the rest of the E-litter dogs and their owners, who had arrived and settled in.

So nice to see everyone again and specially Houdini and mum Susanne, because I haven´t seen him since he left the puppypen when he was 8 weeks old

We had a nice dinner in the evening and after a nights sleep and some breakfast.

We all waited for Xavi and mum Anne who came all the way from Belgium!

And it was really great to see them both:) I haven't seen Xavi since he was picked up at 12 weeks old by his new family and moved to Belgium.

We all headed for the woods to do the aptitudetest. And they did it so well and passed! This means that 5 puppies from this litter has passed their aptitudetests! Congratulations to everyone!

Today it was time for Quita to try and take her 3rd competitive fieldtrack, Quita was tracking nicely passing her test with a 1st prize and almost with HP:) with this she got her 3rd 1st prize in a row giving her the champion title! Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita" NEW SWEDISH FIELDTRACKING CHAMPION!!! Congrats!

Cenna does it again! Another 1st prize with HP:) she is such a tracking talent.After this it was time for some playtime:) so nice to see them all getting along so well!

Thank you all for sharing this weekend with me and working with your dogs!And for you who wasn´t there, we missed you and hope to see you next time.




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