I received this nice words from Nina about Awena´s son

"Vilho" Ghali Grand Cinamon!

Vilho is from Awena´s first litter our C-litter (AwenaxLex)

Made me happy:) Thank you Nina ♥


Hi dears!

Hope you are doing well! I guess you´re quite busy with the little babies, I can almost feel the puppy smell, aaaawwwww! We are fine, waiting for the spring of course. As you noticed, we had our first agility competition last weekend. It was a lot of fun, although we didn´t make any great results. Vilho has developed so much in agility, and me too :D We are going to track also, but it doesn´t look good at the moment, since he wants to find all the deers and mooses in the world... He´s hunting instinct is extremely high nowadays!

Vilho is in great condition in all ways at the moment. He´s coat is shining and he´s nicely muscled. I´ll wait for a sunny day, and take some new photos for you. He´s in excellent state of mind, happy, very balanced, brave, independent, energetic, you name it! He´s also in perfect health.

Helene, I want to thank you for letting Vilho in my hands. He´s a great joy for me every day, and has never disappointed me in any way. And he still want to sleep under the blanket every single night :)

Puss o kram,

Nina, Vilho & Eddie

Awena´s stunning son Vilho 3½ years old:)


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