We have had a wonderful weekend:) and we spend our days outside

The puppies have also had some nice visitors this weekend from some of our friends and old puppy owners.

The puppies have been allowed to meet Asla x Minos daughter Doris with family

Asla x Argos son Rossie with family and Awena x Lex son Caspian with mum Anneli and her daughter Isabella.

They have tried out the puppy pool, some liked it more than others:)

Yesterday we had a visit from Sören again, he helped us to check the puppies for DS:) (Dermoid sinus) and he did not find any:) what a relief, Thank you Sören


I have received some more great results from our Ghalidogs!

Asla x Minos son SEVCH Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" become Norwegian bloodtracking champion this weekend:) and the day after he once again received a 1st prize with HP:) A really great tracking dog!

Awena x Lex son SEVCH Ghali Grand Cap Cape"Chico" hitting the rings this weekend for the first time this year!

He was rewarded excellent and placed as 3rd in openclass!

Congratulations to you all!

I have updated with the last pictures from week 5-6, and pictures from

week 6-7 HERE


Lovely Mr Darkblue


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