I apologize for my lack of updates on this page, the reason for this is that I've been on vacation.

So therefore I have not had the time nor opportunity to updating the website.

We came home on this Saturday morning, exhausted after our trip.

This weekend our dear friend Annika and Minos ( the sire of our D-litter) visited us.

And yesterday me and Awenas daughter SEVCH Ghali Excellent Jade" Quita" went with Annika and Minos to the dog show in Denmark(Copenhagen winner show).

I had no expectations this day. So I was happily surprised when Quita won the junior class with CQ:) and then made it all the way to 4th best bitch with CAC!

Awenas son NORDUCH Ghali Grand Caspian from her first litter received excellent both days, but no placement.


And Aslas son SEVCH Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" gained two 1st prizes in

fieldtracking this weekend:)

And Awenas daughter SEVCH Ghali Grand Cenna one 1st prize in fieldtracking:)

Another great news I received by e-mail:)


Awenas daughter Ghali Excellent Misty"Esther" x-rayed clear on hips and elbows with best possible result:) HD: A/A ED: UA(0)


Safir has been visited by her daughter Ghali For I'M Farika"Toulouse" and she has also met her son Ghali For I'M Fennan"Texas" on their morningwalk yesterday:)


I have a lot to catch up with, both with updating the website and to answer the 230

e-mails I´ve gotten! So please be patient!

I´m very grateful for all the updates and pictures I´m getting from the owners of our F-litter on their progress!Thank you:)



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