A greeting from Safir & Lloyd´s son "Zorro" Ghali For I'M Fire N´ice!

Zorro is really good at swimming. His owners have also trained him to fetch things, and he's pretty good at it:)

I think it´s really great:) considering that he is only 3½ months old!

Thank you Maria:) I am very grateful for all the updates I am getting on his progress!


Last week I met some of our F-litter puppies for some obedience practice, walking slalom through cones,show training and of course playtime:)

I also had the priviligue to spend a few hours with Safir and Lloyd´s daughter

"Toulose" Ghali For I'M Farika from our F-litter.


Safir has been visiting her daughter "Pippi" Ghali For I'M Fallon and one of her big sisters Astrid (Jack Rusell) our sweet pack of dogs let Astrid in with no problems.

Pictures from our visit coming as soon as I can.


I will be meeting some of Safir & Loyd kids for some environment training this week:) I will also try to meet Awena& Wilson's daughter "Luna" Ghali Excellent Yale

at Falsterbo Horse Show. Litter sister "Quita" Ghali Excellent Jade has already met her.


One more page is done:) this time it´s "Enza" Ghali For I'M Fancy, just click on her name to go to her own page.

Lovely Zorro


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