"Texas" Ghali For I'M Fennan (Safir x Lloyd) spend a day with us about a week ago and of course I took the opportunity to take a lot of new pictures of him.

You can see his photo page HERE and some mixed one in the gallery 2012 from this wonderful day HERE. Enjoy!

Texas is a very sweet and happy boy:) he and his siblings are now 4 months old!


We also had a dear visit from SEUCH SEVCH Ghali Golden Bontell"Saros"

(Asla x Luku) and mum Karin:)

Saros is such a sweet and friendly boy. . And of course we have taken the opportunity to take some new pictures of Safir and her brother Saros:) coming as soon as I can.


This weekend we have spend with the dogs playing, coffebreaks and some photosession visiting "Djembe" Ghali Excellent Jaiden( Awena x Wilson) from our E-litter and "Toulose" Ghali For I'M Farika (Safir x Lloyd) from our F-litter.

Toulose and her family are spending the hole summer at their summerhouse in Hällevik.


Yesterday we spend with some of our E-litter puppies at the vet.

It was time for their x-ray!

They all looked great but you never know until they have been read by the Kennel Club.

So now we just have to wait for the result!


Two of our E-litter puppies, Ghali Excellent Jaiden and litter sister

Ghali Excellent Misty have already been x-rayed on hips and elbows with best possible result: HD: A/A and ED: 0/0!


Excellent x-ray results for Caspians offsprings!

6 out of 9 puppies from Caspians litter at Kennel A´LikaBeauty´s x-rayed clear on hips and elbowsJ

Congratulations to owners and breeder!

Lovely Texas 4 months old


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