A couple of weeks ago I had a introduction to how you massage and stretch your dog.

I had invited Tina Wahl, who is a certified dog massage therapist to SFBK (Skanör/Falsterbo Brukshundsklubb)

To give us the tools we need to massage and to stretch our dogs, so we can take care of our dogs in the best possible way.

Agility and other dog sports are wonderful for your dog, but training for those sports by itself is not enough to ensure your dog's long-term health and wellness.

Dogs participating in performance sports require crosstraining activities, including

both a conditioning program and strengthening exercises. Doing a variety of strengthening exercises will improve your dog's performance and, even more important, will protect them against injuries.

We will invite Tina Wahl to hold a new course next year!

For those of you who were not able to come and for those of you who want to come again.

Pictures can be found HERE

There are also some pictures from the beach, since some dogs and owners went down to the beach a to cool off, this very hot day!

Cenna and Tina W


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