I have updated "Lily" Ghali Excellent Pearl gallery HERE

Last week on Wednesday we spent the whole day with Awena´s daughter

"Vilja" Ghali Excellent Eureka.

We went for a long walk with her and Safir, and she also got to play with her mother and grandmother in the garden and in Klagshamn on our evening walk:) she is so sweet and melted in very well to our pack:)

Yes I know I might be a little bit partial:):) but she is so lovely and loves to cuddle.


One week ago we met Safir´s son "Texas" For I'M Fennan, and I took some pictures of him and the girls. But unfortunately I have not had time to go through the pictures yet:(

I hope the will be up here soon.


We also received great news yesterday!

"Jamba" Ghali Adani af Argos daughters Fina and Callista attended a mentality test yesterday and passed with flying colors!!! Congratulations to all involved.

Lovely Lily


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