Some of our Ghali dogs have been showing off last weekend!

Tons of amazing looking Ridgebacks on these two days in

Herning International Dogshow!

Scroll down for more info and pictures!

We had C.I.B NORDUCH NUCH SEUCH DKUCH Ghali Grand Caspian (C-litter)

SEVCH Ghali Excellent Jade "Quita" (E-litter) and her litter brother

Ghali Excellent Troyan (E-litter) showing off in Herning in Denmark

at Nordic Winner Show.


On Saturday C.I.B NORDUCH NUCH SEUCH DKUCH Ghali Grand Caspian (C-litter) was placed as 2nd Best male with R-CACIB. And on Sunday he was placed as Excellent 3 with CQ in Championclass.

Caspian´s critique: Hane av prima typ, vackert huvud.Härlig front. Välgående. En prydnad för rasen.


Ghali Excellent Troyan (E-litter) was placed as 3rd Best male with CAC. And on Sunday he was placed as 2nd Best Intermediateclassmale with CQ

Troyan´s critique:

Saturday: Härlig hanhund, excellent typ, välbyggd, bra huvud. Välbyggd och välgående.

Sunday: 18 months, nice type, masculine in head, correct front, good body in breast and loins well angulated overall, strong mussels, moves with drive.


SEVCH Ghali Excellent Jade "Quita" (E-litter) was placed as 2nd Best female

with R-CAC & R-CACIB. And on Sunday she was placed as 2nd Best Intermediateclassfemale.

Quita´s critique:

Saturday: Vacker tik av mycket god typ, bra huvud, ger ett skönt billede stående.

Sunday: 18 month of nice type, feminin in head, good neck, good topline with a correct ridge. Good volume of breast a little long in loin, moves with drive.

Congrats to you all!

Thank you Helene Volkert for a nice weekend in Denmark and to Ingvar who trusted us with Troyan and to Benny Fischer for the photos!


And SEVCH NVCH Ghali Great Dillon "Chimani" (D-litter) has entered a Field/Blood tracking competition!

SEVCH NVCH Ghali Great Dillon "Chimani" (D-litter) received 1st price both days!

He is such a tracking talent :) and impressed the judges both days!

His nice words and critique from the judges will be up on his page when I receive it.


And Ghali Golden Brunette (B-litter) and mum Emma started their first obedience competition this weekend!

They received a 3rd price with 126.5 points! Really great job!



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