Asla´s daughter (Safir´s sister) Ghali Golden Brunette and her mum Emma have been on their second obedience competition this weekend.

And they did great, both Brunette and Emma does it with joy and hapiness!

Unfortunately not the best weather:( they got rain! so the only thing that didn´t work was laying down (typical for a ridgeback on wet grass)

Brunette and Emma was placed as number 6 out of 19:) congrats!!!

Some more pictures taken by Anne Thell Ulfshög (Chimmes mum) from yesterday below.

Thanks for the pictures Anne!



SEVCH Ghali Grand Cenna and SEVCH Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita" has been acted photo models!

They've been photographed with models for a fashion magazine, with many famous clothing brands. One of the clothing brands are Gant.

Among other things, Quita has been photographed sitting in a sportscar.

Unfortunately, none of these can bee seen on our page or facebook until next year, because the clothes are for next year's collection.


We have also been for a morningwalk in Käglinge this weekend with Asla´s son

SEVCH NVCH Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" and his mum Anne and dad Roger:)

I brought my camera of course:) (no rain!!!) so hopefully I got some pictures to put up here soon!


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