On sunday we had a little reunion with almost half of the E-litter!
We had 5 out of 6 girls and none of the boys, so it became a girls day:)
I also invited Vilja´s big sister Ghali Golden Brunette
(AslaxLuku daughter from our B-litter)
and Quita´s big sister SE VCH Ghali Grand Cenna
(AwenaxLex daughter from our C-litter)
We gathered in Falsterbo to try some agility:) nice to see them all getting along so well!
Great to see all of you who was able to come:)
see some mixed pictures from the day here >> unfortunately not at all of good quality.
Some of the lovely pictures are taken by Esther´s owner Eva & Staffan L:)
Thanks for letting me use your pic!


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