Ch Ghali Grand Cinamon"Vilho", AwenaxLex son did the official MT last weekend.
Below is Nina´s word about the MT!
The only surprise was his will and ability to defend me! He did that with attitude and courage, but didn't defend himself at all, when he was threatened without me present. 

He's got small sharpness and will to struggle, he's quite lively and slightly soft.He's very open and approachable in all test stages. He showed minor substitute behavior and recovered very fast in all stages. One funny detail happened in the dark room, where he was supposed to find me. There was a door to the kitchen, which he tried to open twice. I was told that there was some lasagne in the kitchen... Well, he found me too after all

Total score +127 and very nice feedback from the test judges  Such a balanced and trustworthy boy



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