This week it was time for our youngster "Tolouse" Ghali For I`M Farika
from our F-litter (Safir x Lloyd) to practicing in bloodtracking.
It was a long time ago that Tolouse got to track; she has only tried it once when she was a puppy.
So this time she got to track for “real” in the wood with blood.
She didn´t have any problem knowing what to do, she did great despite not all that much experience! and she loved the hoof in the end:)!
We will of course continue her training in bloodtracking, so she can be ready to hopefully do her aptitudetest during 2013!
Thank you Anne:)
Chimme and the girls got a quick chance to meet for some playtime in our garden.
Pictures coming up here soon.

We have also met Asla Argos son Seuch Sevch Ghali Asani af Argos"Bosse"
from our A-litter! Scroll down for more info.


I have updated the photo gallery with some pictures from the playdate with Bosse.
Of course I brought the camera with me and had a little photoshoot;)
Most of the pictures are of course on Asla´s lovely son Bosse
See the pictures in the gallery by clicking here >>
More pictures of Bosse in his own gallery here >>



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