Nowdays I mostly take and put up pictures of our dogs that we have bred.
So felt it was time to update my own dogs:)
A couple of days ago I brought my camera along for one of our daily walks, this time at the beach.
Pictures from the beach in the 2013 gallery here >>
The girls gallery pages is updated with a few new pictures.
There are new pictures in Asla´s photogallery 10-11 years, and I have also made a new gallery 11-12 years.
Also a few new pictures in Awena´s gallery 7-8 years, and I have also made a new gallery for Awena 8-9 years with a few new pictures.
Asla celebrated her 11th birthday this month, Awena her 8th last month,
Safir is 5½ years and Tolouse 1½ years old.
To see more pictures of our girls, click on their names above! 


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