Due to a computer problem updates are delayed!
I have a lot of nice pictures from our holiday in Torekov. We have also had a dear visit from Safir´s daughter "Enza" Ghali For I`M Fancy. I have received som lovely pictures of Awena´s daughter "Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty and from Safir´s daughter
"Keniya" Ghali For I`M Flavour in my email. Last but not least a lot of lovely pictures from Asla´s children Salma and Chimme. Thank you all:)!
Yesterday we visited Awena x Lex son Ghali Grand Clive"Dex" it was so nice to see him again:) Besides pictures, I also have a few events to update with .

BUT!! I can´t get none of these pictures, because of computer problems:(((
I hope that it can be solved soon!

Our youngster Ghali For I`M Farika"Tolouse"


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