Greetings from Safir & Primus son!
Some weeks ago I received a few pictures in my email from Zimba and Zorro´s owner:)!
Thank you Maria.
To the left on the picture is sweet Zimba, he is a son of our lovely Primus.
Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" to the right on the picture below is Safir´s lovely son Zorro, from our F-litter! Ghali For I`M Fire N`ice"Zorro"
They live an active life with the Rhenberg/Sjöqvist family:)
They are often out in the woods and fields, for long walks or tracking.
When the weather permits, they're also out on the sea fishing with the family boat.
Safir´s son Zorro has proved to be really great at tracking:) he only needs one more first prize to call him self Champion:)!
Despite the low age between them, they are best friends and works great together:)
But I'm not surprised that it works so well between these two guys, their two-legged dad has a strong and clear leadership role.
To see more pictures of Safir´s son Zorro, go to his own gallery page here >>

Zimba och Zorro


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