Back home again after spending some quality time in Torekov:)
First I want to wish all of you a Happy 2014:)!
and I hope that your dogs handled the fireworks well.
Last but not least, thanks for all the New Year greetings:)))))

I will update with a few pictures from Torekov, and of course pictures of Safir´s daughter Enza (Tolouse sister)!
Coming as soon as I can.....

Ghali For I`M Fancy"Enza" has been with us since 22/12, spending a few days with us and a few with my mother in law:)
Tomorrow she will join her own pack, and we all gonna miss her.
She is so kind and sweet, but also a girl with lots of energy:)
just like her mother and sister!
In a few hours we will meet again for a playdate with the girls:)

New updates, a few pictures below of Ghali Amir af Argos"Peppe".
Asla x Argos son, from our A-litter!
As a puppy, he was an incredibly foodfreak:)))))
He was also the one in the litter that was darkest, so dark that we gave him the nickname Black Petter. He have a special place in my heart.


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