Our sweet Asla gone forever…
We miss her so much ♥
Heaven has taken so many angels the last months ;(

Safir's son Texas lost his big brother only a week after Asla. It is really so so sad...

For those of you who are interested, here are some pictures taken just three days before Asla passed away. We have, of course, much more pictures, but we do not want to share all of them.
Some have asked what happened with Asla, and a part already knows. But for those of you who still wonder. I will make a very short explanation of what happened,(only in Swedish)

But it is not just sad updates. A few days ago we had a dear visit from Asla´s son Harley.
He is from our D-litter, Asla x Minos. This litter is celebrating their 4th birthday next month.
We have not seen Harley for a very long time, so I was happily surprised!!!!
Jimmy had read on the website about Asla, so he wanted to say hallo and express his condolences and leave a lovely bouquet of flowers and to show up Harley. So kind…
It was really great to see Harley again, a big and gentle boy with a lovely face.
Now we will try to meet him for a playdate with our girls. Tolouse has already played with him in our garden, they had much fun.
Thank you Jimmy, for the visit and for the lovely flowers.
About Asla, only in Swedish here >>


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