I have updated the website with some pictures from our stay in Torekov.

This year was different than the other years, I did not take as many pictures of the beautiful surroundings because I have taken so many pictures the other years so you have already seen the lovely surroundings and the beautiful nature:)
And there are not many pictures from our walks either:( and the reason is that it´s me who takes pictures, and this year me and Asla went on our own walks.

But for those of you interested, there are a few in the gallery 2013!

I have received many lovely pictures from safir´s son Zorro and from Awena son Troyan:)  thank you so much for the pictures, makes me happy!
They will be up here as fast as I can.
To see pictures from Torekov go to the gallery here >>

Safir och Tolouse


Senaste nyheterna