The days is passing by and our life is just going on like normal.
In our life, it happens not so much more than the everyday stresses of life, and going for long walks with our girls.

It´s a great loss to us all not to have our lovely Asla in our lives anymore:(.
She will forever stay in our hearts and be remembered as the sweet, happy and loving dog she was!

I receive many emails and photos of our girls offspring, which makes me very happy! But I haven' had the time to update the website as much as I would have liked to lately,sorry for that! I will try to shape up!

We have had some nice playdates with Tolouse brother Texas:)
This week me and Tolouse  had another playdate with lovely Texas
(Ghali For I`M Fennan) from my F-litter. It´s great to see them together just having a blast! Flying around loving to wrestle.
He is such a sweet and kind boy but oh so wild... ;)
Thank you Lena for a very nice day!

I took the time last night to finally go through the rest of all my playtime photos from January and I have now updated the gallery 2014:). Enjoy!
The latest updated photos can be seen here >>

Tolouse & Texas


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