Some more photos has arrived! This time greetings from Xavi
(Ghali Excellent Redgent) from our E-litter (Awena x Wilson)
So this time the website is updated with some lovely summer pictures for a change:)
Xavi has moved from Belgium to Singapore and has settled in very well in his new country:)

Some words from his mum Anne, below!
We hope everything is well with you all! We are great:)!
Xavi has swum/been swimming for the first time, a bit unwillingly…;)!
We have spent this afternoon on the beach and Thomas thought that Xavi was ready for his first swim lession…
... we think he thought it was nice (+32) degrees:)! but he would, of course, never admit it ... He marched demonstratively up on the beach and lay down under a palm with a dissatisfied look. You can have it worse .... ;)  Hugs!

Enjoy! Because here will be more snow pictures…
I have received many lovely snow pictures from Safir´s son Zorro (Tolouse brother)
Ghali For I`M Fire N`ice (Safir x Lloyd) from our F-litter
Thank you Anne & Maria

And finally!!!! My email is working...;)
Now I only have 940 unread mail to go through PUH ...


Senaste nyheterna