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More pictures added to the photo gallery 2014!
We have had some nice play dates with the boys, Chimme, Texas and Saros:)!

I took the time last night to finally go through all my playtime photos and I have now updated the Photo gallery.
So here come mixed pictures from one of them at once! Enjoy!
First out a playdate with lovely 
Chimme (Nordvch Ghali Great Dillon”Chimani”) from our D-litter. He is such a sweet boy ♥ nice to see Tolouse and Chimme just having a blast on the beach!
Mixed pictures from this wonderful day here >>

Soon we will have a dear visit from Safir´s daughter “Enza” Ghali For I`M Fancy:) she will spend the whole weekend with us. We look forward to a few lovely days with this girl:)


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