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Nordvch Ghali Great Dillon"Chimani" from our D-litter, Asla x Minos. Chimmes gallery page here >>

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Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Excellent Jade"Quita"
Seuch Sevch Ghali Asani af Argos"Bosse"
Sevch Ghali Excellent Nassak"Eldar"
Ghali Golden Brunette
Ghali Excellent Eureka"Vilja"
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And more great showresults from Norway:) at the Internationell Dogshow in Oslo, Primus daughter and grandson received some very nice results again:)!
Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" daughter Nuch Ridgedogs Delicious Ready 3rd Best Bitch with R-CACIB , that will be a proper Cacib:) and her son Ridgedogs in love with Elvis BOB and BIG 4 .


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