The days is passing by and our life is just going on like normal.
But we have been rather buzy lately, renovating our house both inside and on the outside.
We are far from finished…
Asla´s son (Awena´s brother) Primus has stayed with us during the weekend. He really knows how to charm us:)
we love him and his easy going temper, lovely personality, relaxed and calm but still playfull.
Tolouse fell in love and wanted to be close to Primus:)))))  who can blame her?
Unfortunately the weather was not on our side last weekend, the rain poured down:((  
We have also had a dear visit from Tolouse happy and playfull litter brother Texas, they were both happy about the little playtime date in our garden!
The girls have also met Safir´s brother Saros:)  he has the sweetest temper, guess what they did?
Of course….. :)))))) they all love to hunt….
Below pictures taken by the owners, and a few taken by me.


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