More nice results from our grand - kids this weekend:) Elvis did it again! this beautiful young boy 11 months old.
1/11 Best male 4 with R-CAC & BOB och BIS-4 Junior
2/11 BOB with CAC, BIG-1 at the National Dogshow in Norway

Ridgedogs In Love With "Elvis"  is the son of  Primus daughter Ready in Norway
(Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus")

Huge congrats to all involved:) and thank you for the pictures

At the Internationell Dogshow in Herning Denmark this weekend.
Etanaridge´s Bonemine By Obelix"Adiva" 5 months old.
1 /11 BOB puppy and mother Dunja 3rd in Openclass with CQ
2/11 2nd Best puppy with HP and her mother Dunja got VG in Openclass

Adiva is the daughter of Caspian´s daughter Dunja in Sweden (Multichampion Ghali Grand Caspian)
Huge congrats to all involved:)
Unfortuately I do not have any recent photos of Adiva & Dunja 


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