2015-01-23 The days go by and soon it's only 14 days left until the long awaited miracles enter the world:)!

Esther is growing and getting bigger by the day!
Esther's days begins now mostly consist of rest, food and quieter walks. The remaining weeks of pregnancy is a period of waiting before the big moment .
The fetuses are now about 10 cm long .
By this time you should be able to begin to see and feel the puppies movement;)

The risk with hard exercise during pregnancy is that you do not notice that the bitch take out too much and that she gets both physically and mentally stressed.
If the bitch seems unwilling to follow on the daily walk, so let her by all means be left at home.
Go for a short walk ,so she can stroll at her own pace .

Here are a few new pictures of mum to be, taken yesterday at day 47

Enjoy the latest photos of her below!

Here you will be able to follow Esther´s pregnancy >>


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