Awena's son C.I.B SEUCH FINUCH EECH SEVCH EE LT LV BALTJCH Ghali Grand Cinamon " Vilho "
from our C- litter, Awena x Lex
Participated in a agility competition this weekend in Finland were he lives!
Perhaps you have seen the movie clips on Vilho that I put up earlier on the website.
He is really good and seem to love it:) .
Vilho won the first competion, but got 5 fault points, so he didn't get "LUVA". LUVA is kind of a certificate, you need 3 of those before you can move to higher level.
Then he placed second in the next competition, and got the LUVA too!
One more LUVA, and he will move to class II
Congratulations and thank you for sharing:)!  We wish you continued good luck:)!
To see more pictures of Vilho, go to his own page here


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