Awena x Lex son, born in our C-litter!
Vilho is very sad and on strong meds, but he should get well in few days Smiley smile Fortunately the snake seems to be a big adult, which knows how to dose it's poison and not spray it all at once. We got lucky.

Vilho update!
He is now safe and sound, under the blanket Smiley smile If all goes well, we will go back to the vet next week to take some blood samples. Then we can be sure that everything is well for sure.
So far so good. The patient was quite restless until 4 am, crying and changing position in the bed. After 4 am he finally settled down.
He's doing well, the swelling is slowly getting smaller. I'm sure we are gonna sleep better tonight!
Vilho is getting better and better, already enjoying sunbathing:)))


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