Two weeks ago I had the priviligue to visit Wonna´s lovely puppies at Kennel A'Likabeauty's
Wonna is a daughter of
 C.I.B. NORDUCH KBHV-13 GHALI GRAND CASPIAN born in our C-litter (Awena x Lex) So nice to snuggle and cuddle with these jewels ♥
We also checked the puppies for DS , everything went well no DS :)!

Last week I also had the priviligue to spend some time with "Esther´s sweet daughter
 "Zelda" Wenzake Love Joy Diza:) Esther is born in our E-litter,
Ghali Excellent Misty (Awena x Wilson)
Esther had her first litter in the beginning of this year.
We meet up for some show practice:) since Zelda´s owner Anna sent me an email, with some questions about dogshows and to show dogs.
So I happily offered to help, since they live nearby us:)!
It was a while since I ran left turns, but Zelda and mum Anna did great!
© Anna Conradson

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Two of my sweet fourlegged ♥


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