I have updated "Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty, photo gallery with some new pictures of her beautiful offspring:)!
Go to the gallery here

The page about us , is updated with  the Swedish Kennel Club consultant opinion about our Kennel.
They did an unannounced home visit a few years ago, which is the point and it is very good.
What can I say:)? better late than never! but to be honest...
I found it quite recently:) if it´s of interest, you can find it here

I have also received some new pictures of lovely Awena son, Ghali Excellent Troyan ♥
Born in our E-litter, Awena x Wilson
To see more pictures of Mr Handsome, go to his own gallery here

I have also made a new photo page to our sweet Awena and her sweet brother Jamba ♥
because they recently celebrated their 10th Birthday! 
I hope I can fill the photo pages with more pictures eventually:)
Thank you Ingavr for the nice pictures of Mr Handsome:)


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