Torekov is an absolutely amazing place that we 've gone to every year now for several years .
It is quiet, peaceful and relaxing for both body and soul:)
To being able to stay so nice with the ocean and nature as your closest neighbor is a rare luxury. 
So we are very grateful to our dear friend Lotta, that she let us come and be in her paradise
During all these years we spent here , we have so many lovely memories, dog photos and nature photos.
But that did not happen this year, because we always go out early in the morning and it's not the best light to shoot. So you have to be content with the few pictures that I updated the gallery with.
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And of course  there is even the ones I do not share with you , hehe...

Pictured below sweet Asla x Minos daughter
Sevch Ghali Great Dawn"Yeba"


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