Zelda & Dior Esther daughters Zelda & Dior Esther daughters

I have updated the May gallery with pictures taken by our puppy owners, but also some taken ​​by me.
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Great results for "Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty offspring:) so far two scorer has come back with perfect results! 
Her daughters
Dior & Diza "Zelda" perfect hips and elbows HD: A  ED: 0 UA. Congratulation to you all:)!

Intuch Ghali Grand Caspian daughter A´likabeauty´s Etana of Caspian"Dunja" offspring her whole litter is free from hip and elbow dysplasia, perfect hips and elbows:) HD: A/B  ED: 0 UA  huge congrats to all involved:)

The pictures © Wenzake Kennel & Susanne Westling

Awena son Houdini
Awena son Houdini


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