COMPETITION Results from the weekenD!

C.I.B INTUCH SEVCH KBHV-09 Ghali Awena af Argos CV (ROM) daughter "Vilja" Ghali Excellent Eureka started on her first Rally Obedience Competition last weekend
and did it with great style:)!
Vilja was placed on a fine 2nd place out of  ten dogs,:))))
Huge Congratulations Emma and Vilja, well done

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Ready's beautiful daughter Daia BOS with CAC & CACIB!
Ridgedogs LoveAtFirstSight "Daia" (15 months) entered the International Dog Show in Trondheim last weekend
with great style:)
Judge this day, Vilmos Kardos
Ready is a daughter from our Seuch Dkuch Sevch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus"
Fun to follow our children and grandchildren:)
Huge Congratulations to all involved

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One of Esther's beautiful offspring her son Diezel entered the RRWC Show in Lund last weekend
I love his beautiful masculine head, but unfortunately not the judge:(  so a Very Good in quality for him this day.
For the first time he had a handler who showed him very well and he behaved in the ring :)
although he probably would have preferred a little playtime with his handler, but better a happy dog:)!!
The picture on the left Wenzake Love Joy Diezel with his mom and to the right with his handler who met for the first time this day at the showground.

"Esther" Ghali Excellent Misty is a daughter from our Awena,
C.I.B INTUCH SEVCH KBHV-09 Ghali Awena af Argos CV (ROM)


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