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Ch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" born in our A-litter, Asla x Argos
Celebrates his 11th Birthday in a couple of weeks ♥
Primus has been out in the woods tracking wildboar:) great that he still can ♥
We received a video when he was out tracking , but unfortunately the quality was not the best for posting on this website:( But for those who want to see the video, can watch it on my facebook page:)


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Rally Obedience Training
Awena´s daughter "Vilja" Ghali Excellent Eureka
In pouring rain she performed almost all steps in Malmo SBK Rally Obedience training race and was placed on a very nice 5th place in the beginner class:) and 8th place in continue class with 12 competing dogs.
Best of all, the judge's opinion... Lovely energy! 

The pictures © Emma M

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Minos ♥ Minos ♥

A few weeks ago there was an exhibition (Dogshow) in Lund
in connection with the RRWC 2016
(Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress) a specialty show
Two of the males we used took part in the exhibition . First out is the male of our D -litter handsome Minos, Asla x Minos ♥

Ch African Hunter´s Amazing Baskervill"Minos" who participated in Veteran class where he received Excellent with CQ

The pictures © Annika K
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The male to our E-litter handsome Wilson, Awena x Wilson ♥
Ch Roseridge Red Rastaban "Wilson" entered the specialty show for the first time in veteranclass and got a nice 4th place:)

The pictures © Johanna F
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Greif klicka på bilden Greif klicka på bilden

Ch Ghali Akili af Argos"Primus" born in our A-litter, Asla x Argos
his daughter
Ch WayToGo Telma has a planned mating in fall 2016 with Greif ♥
Handsome Greif also entered the specialtyshow in Lund,
RRWC (Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress 2016)
And did it with big style:) He competed in a very strong Championclass, 17 other handsome championmales
in total there were 178 lovely Ridgebacks entered the show this day.

He finnished as BEST MALE & BIM
Huge congrats what a performance
I wish you good luck with the planned mating between Telma ♥ Greif

All pictures © Greif´s owner Paula

Handsome Greif pictured below with all his lovely prizes:)


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