♥ IN MEMORY OF AWENA ♥ R.I.P                   2005-08-25 - 2016-09-16

It is so hard to sit here and write this, but at the same time I want her life to be celebrated. She meant so much to us ! She was special to me right from the start. I remember so well when she was born, it was only 2 girls and I know that one of them was going to be mine. I was immediately hooked on her lovely appearance and her relaxed personality. She was that one of a kind dog that you don't get two of!, I will miss every little thing that made Awena special. They way she would curl up on the couch and threw herself on all the pillows:)
Or the way she welcomed everyone, with a wagging tail and laughter.
Her way to scare the life of us when we were at dog shows and she did not get the candy quickly enough:)))) then she barked at us.
I can go on forever... 
But what good does it do... she is not here anymore and I will never see her do any of those things again...
I love and miss yoy so much Awena, one incredibly kind dog with a heart of gold ♥ She had a big personality and has taken a huge part of my/our heart with her.

2005-08-25 - 2016-09-16

En av mina absoluta favoritbilder på min enormt saknade och bästa vän ♥

Jag vill tacka för alla fina hälsningar som vi fått på facebook, via sms och privata meddelanden.
För alla fina blommor som vi fått, en sån fin och kär gest, TACK!

Texten till bilden är skriven av vår son André, vi kunde inte sagt det bättre själv, Och det är precis så här vi alla känner.
Min favorit bild på Awena tog jag i Falsterbo, här står hon och väntar och jag tror hon hör honom...
På hennes fina bror Hannibal ♥


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