Over the "Rainbow Bridge" you went. I always knew you were heaven sent.
Til we meet again, I cherish you in my heart forever ♥

So many sad news and things happens and has happened during this year. 
Of course there are bright spots but they are not many. Time heals all wounds they say... 

There is another new star shining in the sky!

Ghali Ainra af Argos born in our A-litter, (Asla x Argos) our Awena´s lovely sister.
I want to send all my love to Inra´s wonderful owners ♥
who loved and cared for her ♥
Beautiful Inra I have so many great memories with you. You are deeply missed and will always have a special place in my heart. 

Run free sweet Inra...
R.I.P 2005-08-25 - 2016- 10-05


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